HackMiami Conference 6

About HackMiami Conference

HackMiami's 2018 Conference will bring together the brightest minds within the information security industry and the digital underground for an intense weekend of information exchange, open panels, and non-stop entertainment.

This conference will showcase cutting edge hacking tools, techniques, and methodologies that are at the forefront of the global threat landscape. Our hacking conference features three days of multiple tracks, comprehensive all day training courses, competitive tournaments, and informational events.

Topics for the HackMiamiCon 6 include the themes of artificial intelligence, machine learning, cryptocurrencies, data leaks, threat intelligence, darknet forensics, emerging exploits and vulnerabilities, digital attack methodologies, defensive countermeasures, and much more.

We look forward to working with the information security community for another memorable South Florida gathering.

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HackMiami Conference
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HackMiami is the premier resource in South Florida for the recruitment of highly skilled hackers that specialize in vulnerability analysis, penetration testing, digital forensics, and all manner of information technology and security.

HackMiami is made up of experienced information security professionals that have years of experience working with large corporations, governments, and small businesses.

Members of HackMiami are on the cutting edge of vulnerability research and regularly present at local information security group meetings (ISSA, OWASP) and international hacking conferences around the world (Defcon, HOPE, OWASP AppSec, Hacker Halted).HackMiami seeks to develop and harness the participation of the information security community through regular meetings, presentations, labs, and competitions.

These events allow the hacker community a forum to present their research, develop new techniques and methodologies, and at the same time provides valuable a networking resource for contracting opportunities.


HackMiami’s experienced information security professionals have years of experience working with large corporations, governments, and small businesses.

Our services are designed to assist individuals and businesses in the development of their skills and their security posture through the facilitation of cutting edge methodologies from both the attack and defense perspective.

  • Network and Application Vulnerability Assessments

  • Network and Application Penetration Testing

  • Physical Facility Security Assessments

  • Social Engineering Assessments

  • On-Site Training Seminars


HackMiami features an array of information security professionals available to speak at your corporate engagement or IT/IS conference on a variety of digital attack and defense concepts. Contact us now to ensure an early booking.

  • Enterprise Penetration Testing Methods

  • Open Source Intelligence for Penetration Testers

  • Security Engineering of IoT and Embedded Systems

  • Cryto Dojo Crytpocurrency training

  • Digital Crime Intelligence & Forensic Analysis

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