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Hands-on with Osquery: Cross-Platform Incident Investigation & Endpoint Detection

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Osquery is a powerful cross-platform, cross-virtualization, open-source endpoint agent that was released by Facebook in 2014. This workshop, offered by a seasoned engineer who has been working closely with osquery since 2016, will provide a hands-on experience for security practitioners who:

- Have EDR or IR endpoint needs for cloud environments and Macs, and are finding that traditional black-box security products aren't a good match.

- Want the ability to freely customize the questions they are asking of their endpoints over time

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Instructor Milan Shah

Milan Shah is a hands on security technologist who enjoys experimenting with the latest in cybersecurity technology. He has also successfully brought some of those technologies to market via a series of startups that he has helped create. Currently, Milan serves as the CTO of Uptycs, a company providing a SaaS solution built around Facebook's osquery universal agent. Prior to co-founding Uptycs, Milan was SVP of Products and Engineering at Core Security, where he delivered on a vision for a new class of automated pen testing solutions. Milan has also served as VP of Engineering at CA Technologies and IMlogic, which was successfully acquired by Symantec. The first part of his career was spent as a member of the early Windows NT development team, and he was a key architect of Microsoft Exchange. Milan holds a Masters in EECS degree from MIT, and a Bachelors in EECS from University of Illinois, Urbana.

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Lighting talks

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