HackMiami Con 7

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This training is designed to give attendees the tactics, confidence,
and training necessary to become a highly successful
social engineer. Attendees will learn how to chain attacks, increase
the probability of success, plan for attacks and
so much more. Anyone who desires to be able to do things like talk
their way into bank vaults, data centers, SCIFs or
casino money cages needs to attend this training. We will have a
hands-on portion of the education where attendees will
put their newfound knowledge to use in a fun phone-based exercise
designed to exercise their skills.


Bring a Laptop with: 4 GB of RAM at Minimum and Quad-Core Processor at
Minimum Ability to Run Virtual Machines Understanding
of basic social engineering concepts Understanding of basic network
penetration testing concepts


This course is targeted toward individuals looking to enhance their
social engineering knowledge and capabilities.
This course will give them the skills necessary to excel in social engineering.

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Joshua Crumbaugh is one of the world's leading security awareness
experts and internationally- renowned cybersecurity speaker.
He is the developer of the Human Security Assurance Maturity Model

(HumanSAMM) and Chief Hacker at PeopleSec.
He is also an expert social engineer who has talked his way into bank
vaults, fortune 500 data centers, corporate offices,
restricted areas of casinos and more. His experiences highlighted a
significant need for a better "human solution" --
This led him to a passion in social engineering and
better-understanding ways to stop social engineering attacks.

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