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Dave Marcus

Principal Engineer, Advanced Programs Group’s Research and Intelligence Team, McAfee Dave Marcus currently serves as  director of McAfee’s Advanced Programs Group research and intelligence team.

His responsibilities includes advanced  threat research, threat intelligence projects, hardware-assisted security development, open source intelligence projects  as well as SCADA/ICS research. As one of McAfee’s Principal Engineers he is also a recognized technical leader and helps drive its technical direction and roadmap. In his spare time he lifts heavy things and is a family man.

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Vinny Troia

Vinny Troia has been hacking his way around systems since he was 10
years old, back when 2400 baud modems and were considered cutting edge
technology. Troia has since refined his underground IT skills to
include a breadth of knowledge  that spans his expertise across
security, management, development and administration of
inter-connected systems.

Having spent nearly a decade engineering and architecting security
systems for the U.S. Department of Defense, Troia has become one of
the media’s top go-to experts on cyber-related controversies. Troia
was first recognized by the national news media following
his discovery of information pertaining to tape-backups as part of the
Lois Lerner IRS scandal.

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