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(Training includes general admission admissioin to Hackmiami Conference)

Security Engineering of IoT and Embedded Systems

By Michael Schloh von Bennewitz

Examining IP (Ethernet), Serial (CAN, I2C, SPI, TIA/EIA), and RF (Bluetooth) communication, this full day workshop teaches invasive security from a developer perspective. We build and penetrate embedded systems, concluding with reverse engineering, penetration testing, or constructive discussion. Rather than treating legacy APTs with Metasploit or Nmap, we extend our reach to include microcontroller MCUs with no TCP/IP stack or user kernel:

Public Grid
Water Pumps
Street Lights
Controller Area Network (CAN)
  Consumer Vehicles (Automotive)
  Industrial Aerospace and Robotics
 RF Exposed Data    
 Industrial Monitors
   Heartbeat Sensors
   Pacemaker Analysis
 Baby Phones (M2M Comm)
 Webcams (Mirai Botnet!)
 Building Automation (Locks)
 Smart Homes (Detection* and Relays)
 *Turn light emitters into detectors


Besides knowledge, you get to keep and take home hardware:

   ARM Cortex (NXP) MCU
   Atmel 328P based MCU
   IoT Empire 802.3 Tap


We'll work with devices on loan for the workshop duration:

   Tessel2                     Estimote beacon
   RaspberryPi                 CC2650 SensorTag
   Beaglebone                  Assorted shields
   Minnowboard                 Blesh beacon
   nRF51-BTLE                  Voltera One
   FRDM-KL25Z                  SmartScope
   FRDM-K64F                   Yubikey


Please bring a computer (any OS) with two free USB ports. Optionally bring a smartphone with a modern Bluetooth stack.

The choice of topics and pace benefit experienced and inexperienced hackers alike. Music and humour play a role in this self paced workshop.

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Michael Schloh von Bennewitz

Michael Schloh von Bennewitz is a computer scientist specializing in network engineering, embedded design, and mobile platform development. He speaks four languages fluently and presents at research events every year, and has presented for groups including Black Hat, CCC, Cable & Wireless, Mobile World Congress, Linux Foundation, Nokia, Ubuntu, Droidcon, and FOSDEM.

Michael's IoT knowledge profits from years of work at telecoms and relationships with industry leaders. He is a Intel innovator, Samsung partner, and Mozilla contributor with the mandate to promote IoT technology.


Please direct questions about the workshop's unique build and destroy approach, communication technologies, or hardware availability to the instructor.
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