Workshops will take place after talks end on Saturday (5-6PM), others will happen at the events room
throughout the conference

Sew your own wearable

Participants will be guided through how to make a basic circuit with connective thread. This is an entry level workshop design to teach basics of LED circuitry in a fun safe manner. Participants can turn their Hackmiami conference shirt into an LED wearable, create a necklace, bracelet or other wearable clothing, participants can also bring a piece of clothing to make an LED wearable.

When & Where This workshop will be located at the Events room during May 20th & 21th

Presenter: Hunny

Human Hacking you are the weakest link (Crash course on Social Engineering)

This workshop will give the basics of social engineering techniques and how these techniques are used to influence people and get access to organizations. It will take attendees step-by- step on how to build a pretext that fits not only their target, but themselves. It will focus on everything from how to dress to how to phrase questions to increase the probability for a successful compromise.

When & Where Saturday  7PM Cavalier 2 Room
Presenters: Cyni Winegard / Bethany Ward